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Anonymous asked: What are your two jobs? You seem exahusted!!

HR liason by day, perfumery expert by evening, nightclub cash taker by night.

Money is the motivator! 💵💲

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working woes.

Feeling bitter about working so much. Not at Roman, really. Just at the fact that we even have to do this to afford a wedding. It makes me want to elope.
Got called into work at the club tonight. Well, the boss asked. And I could use the money so I said yes. Which means by the end of Sunday, Ill have worked 57 ½ hrs.

Been doing some research on venues, etc. Everything is expensive. I’m strongly contemplating a reception of just heavy Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. I need to contact some caterers for quotes, etc. Im going to have to trim my guest list in a huge way, unfortunately. So it’ll mainly be like, bridal party, family and at most, 10-12 friends. It’s kind of depressing but I just can’t see it being feasible any other way. I don’t want to take out a bunch of loans, etc. And I don’t want to sacrifice the wedding itself and how we want it by adding more guests. I know I sound like a total brat. I guess I am one. The people I’m cutting-I DO really and legitimately want them there, it’s just my hands are kinda tied.

Just feeling a little overwhelmed. I just want a day off, really. And I think I could recharge my batteries. Im hoping next Sunday I’ll be off but my 2nd job hasn’t put out their schedule yet so who knows. I don’t want Roman to feel more guilty than he already does. And while he is still going through this giant process w/ a prospective job, he’s been real sweet. He’s had a bubble bath and dinner waiting for me the last couple of nights I’ve worked. Last night while I soaked in the tub w/ a cocktail, I just gave myself a moment to remember why I am going through all this trouble. It isn’t forever. &things will settle significantly once we are married and right themselves.

But yea…this does all make me want to elope.