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The unforgettable Las Vegas getaway…

Words cannot adequately articulate how much fun and joy I had while in Las Vegas.

The trip started off…rocky. We woke up at 4am and after packing and grabbing breakfast, were on the road to Austin a little before 6am. (side note: I had a check engine light come on earlier that week…my Dad checked it out & said a vacuum hose came loose but that everything was fine and we were good to go). We had barely gotten out of town when my car started to feel funny. It was kinda jerking and I started to freak out. There was no way I wanted to risk the 2 Β½ hour drive. The clock was ticking because our flight departed at 12:40p. I called my Dad at 6am and he let me switch cars w/ him. So…! It was 7am and we were starting our journey all over. Regardless, we made it with two hours to spare before boarding time. The flight was uneventful, bar the slight nausea it always gives me. We got into Vegas and it was 106 degrees F. In other words…hot as hell. And how thoughtful of the airport to have a liquor store…! Lol.

The first night, we met up w/ Roman’s cousin, Brandon, and he took us to some local eats. We went to Naked City Pizza-which was…incredible. The chef had some weekly specials that aren’t part of the menu. I got some polenta w/ “piggy parts,” (lengua, bacon, etc) corn and micro greens. I want to recreate it this weekend, it was SO good. We wandered to a local bar (Office Bar?) and had a bartender from Texas…so we got kinda hammered off her generosity. We went back to the hotel around midnight because Roman wanted to go take pictures of the sunrise/us the following morning at the Valley of Fire State Park, which is 40-ish miles outside of Vegas. Now, regarding this planned adventure-I remember thinking Roman was kind of rude to impose on his cousin for a trip that was only hours away from taking place. I told him we could go Saturday morning but he wasn’t really budging. So we woke up…3 hours later at 3am and got ready to go. I’ll admit that I felt something was up. But I wasn’t sure exactly what. I’m usually the one who wants to take couple-y pictures but Roman said it would be a good opportunity for us since it was some place new and since his cousin is a photographer. We were on the road by 4:15am that morning. The valley was gorgeous-pictures do not do it justice. As we were getting to the park, it was pre-dawn and the sky was just starting to light up. There was really no one there. We drove through the park and found a really nice spot that was accessible for us to traverse. So we got out & started taking pictures (I even brought heels because I wasn’t about to wear my comfy shoes in them…vanity forever!). As we were taking pictures and I turned…Roman got on one knee. It’s all a blur of emotion at this point. I don’t even remember looking at the ring. I was in shock (still am), and started shaking. He asked me to marry him & I said yes. As if there was any doubt! Of course, I cried and he got teary eyed. It all felt and still feels very surreal. My ring is from the art deco period (1920s) and he got it from in antique jewelry dealer in Boston (I think?). It’s just my taste and is so so beautiful. I need to get it resized a bit. He went off of an old ring size of mine but I’ve lost some weight since then so it’s a bit loose. But Im just…over the moon. Words cannot express. He asked my father for his blessing and it was given-which meant a lot to me that he asked. I’m old fashioned.

Afterwards, we had a celebratory breakfast at “Eat” with his aunt and cousin. Here, I promptly spilled strawberry jam all over my white dress. Of course. Lol. I got some truffled egg sandwich which was so damn good. We went home, took a much needed extended nap, and grabbed lunch. I had my first In & Out Burger! And it did not disappoint. We relaxed a bit and then headed to Caesar’s Place to see “Abinsthe.” We had time to kill so we grabbed dinner at the Bacchanal Buffet there. (Gawd, we ate a lot) More expensive than I anticipated but it was worth it. The selection was insane and delicious. I just wanted a bite of everything. The show was amazing! There wasn’t a bad seat in the tent! A lot of acrobatics and comedy-we really really enjoyed it. In fact, pretty sure I would go back & see it again. Later that night, we met up w/ one of the other couples we know and threw dollars at strippers. Unfortunately, this one chatty stripper wouldn’t go away. She kept telling me she was psychic and could predict birthdays…she laso talked about her windshield business? And asking Roman & I if she looked like she was in her 20s (she didn’t) and we said yes (we lied). We got home around 2am. Oh…! We had the stripper shuttle pick us up & drop us off hahaha. Classic.

Saturday, we woke up late so we skipped breakfast & grabbed lunch at Naked City Pizza…again. This time we ate the pizza. It was aiiight. I wish I had gotten the piggy parts polenta again. Regrets..!! lol. Anyways, after that, we headed to Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel for their pool party. It was nuts there! I wish we coulda stayed longer but we had dinner reservations at Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse in the Paris Hotel at 5:15pm. And that was…an experience. The food was incredible. The presentation was lovely. I can’t say enough good things about that place. The service was top notch. I had smoked beef tartare for an appetizer & the beef wellington for an entrΓ©e. SO GOOD. Next time, we are trying the Hell’s Kitchen Tasting Menu!

Sunday, Roman’s friends flew back to Texas so we had the day to ourselves. We basically spent it at the pool w/ mojitos…followed by cocktails and leftover pizza lol…and beer. At night, we went to play the slot a bit. And Ive learned I suck at it. But it was still fun.

Now, we are back to reality. The entire vacation was an utter dream. It truly was.
Time to start planning my wedding with the love of my life! :)

Hope all is well!

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Met a stripper who told me she was psychic..and yet she couldn’t tell I wanted her away from me…lol.

Met a stripper who told me she was psychic..and yet she couldn’t tell I wanted her away from me…lol.