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First Day.

So my first day of work felt like the first day of school. Thankfully, everyone was really nice. No one made me feel stupid if I needed help or asked questions.
I feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of products they have. I have quite an inventory to memorize and familiarize myself with. But all in due time!…I hope. Im on call the rest of the week. The lazy bish in me hopes I don’t have to go in. But the practical bish in me knows its better that I do. I need to make the monies.

Roman just got a call for an interview tomorrow afternoon (on top of testing in the morning for another job). Im glad-but not so much for me. Just that he was feeling really guilty that I got a job before him and kept saying he was a deadbeat. Far from the truth!! As it was, when I got out of work w/ job and dinner waiting for me. I was so impressed! He got fresh rosemary and sage & zested some lemon w/ butter and shoved it under the skin of some chicken thighs and baked them. I felt so proud! My honey has come a long way in the kitchen. It makes me happy to see him more comfortable when making food :) HE makes me happy. Okay, Ill stop with the gushing.

Im off from job kicking back with my honey. Making a hodge podge because its easy as heck.

Gone with the Wind is going to be playing in theatres again in late September! I hope I can go. I really want to see it again. Its incredible watching it on the big screen! We shall see!

Tomorrow is another day!! xo

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What’s new pussy cat?

So it’s been a little while since I’ve done an update.

What’s new? I’m gaining weight. Call it “happiness pounds,” lol. Ever since I got back from Vegas, I’ve been a porker. That being said, Im exercising…albeit not as well as I should. I reactivated the ole’ myfitnesspal app & am tracking my meals to make sure I stay on target. I went to the gym three days last week but I need to step it up more. Fun stuff :|

So I now have 2-ish jobs! Okay, so I got a Saturday night job taking cover at a club. This Saturday was my first day there. It was easy enough, if a bit boring. Luckily, I brought a book and pretty much read for 7 hours. But I got $80 for that, so that wasn’t bad. Got home close to 2am and then woke up at 7 for orientation at my other job (I gotta job offer on Saturday morning). It’s a perfumery/lotion place. I’m working this afternoon from 6-9pm to learn how to operate the register. I feel like a kid on the first day of school. All nervous. Hopefully they all go well and I can start saving. Roman has a testing for a potential job on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for him. So basically, my social life is going to be non-existent for a while. And Im going to be exhausted. Lol. But Im trying to look at the big picture. Im hoping I can keep my Saturday night job and that it wont clash w/ the other one. But we’ll see.

Once I get my first check, Ill feel comfortable enough to start tentative wedding planning. We’ve been discussing honeymoon ideas. Still undecided on location but a few fun/beautiful ideas are being tossed around. To be continued!

Beyond that, I haven’t been up to much. Bought a new accent table for the living room and some new pillows for the couch. I know, I know. My life is too exciting lol.


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New days.

Short & sweet update.

Life is good.  Still job hunting.  I gotta sorta job but its once a week so I dont feel like it counts.  Ha!  Took the day off today & have been on the go since early this morning.

Went to the gym.  Biked 2 mi/Jogged 2.25 mi.  I need to get back into the leg workouts but Im trying to get back into the routine of getting up so damn early.

Making crab/shrimp stuffed portabella mushrooms tonight & a caprese salad on the side.  I wanted my honey to come home to something nice…other than me ;)